Current Projects

Jeremy Word | Prototype Platinum Records [electro house]

Jeremy Word is an electro house DJ and Producer from Dallas, TX. With a number of releases already out, including several on Dave Aude’s Audacious Records, Jeremy will now be releasing some new material on Prototype Platinum Records.

DJ FM [electro house | drum-n-bass]

DJ FM is a DJ and Producer making a variety of electronic music who incorporates live instrumentation into his tracks. Current projects include an electro house artist album and a new drum-n-bass / hip-hop project called “Influenced” with Big Hop.

M.E.L.T [dubstep | bass]

M.E.L.T is a dubstep / bass music producer and DJ from Canada. Recently signed to Truespin Records, his first release will be out March 2012 featuring Seratonin on vocals.

DJ Tronic

DJ Tronic lives in Portland, OR. He has been involved in the music scene since 1994, when he hosted his first radio show. He currently mixes House, Techno, Tribal, Progressive, Dance, Breakbeats, Drum-n-Bass, Downtempo and more. His passion for so many genres comes through in his radio shows and on his music blog, Dancefloor Mayhem.

Dancefloor Mayhem

Dancefloor Mayhem is a Music Blog that has been up and running since late 2007. The focus is on electronic/dance music with some hip-hop thrown in the mix. Many genres are featured on the site, including House, Techno, Drum-n-Bass, Breakbeats, Dubstep, Dance, Mashups, Bootlegs, Trance and others. The site has tons of free mp3s, streaming music, DJ mixes, music videos, artist tour dates, upcoming release announcements and more!

Closer Music Festival

The Closer Music Festival is a four day, multi-venue festival in Portland, OR. The dates for 2012 are June 21st – 24th. If you use Facebook, go to the Closer Facebook page and “like” it to get the latest updates including venue announcements, performer announcements and early pre-sales tickets. If you use Twitter, be sure to follow the Closer Twitter feed for that information and more.